Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch (Bishop of Manchester)

Nigel McCulloch has been Bishop of Manchester since 2002. He began his ministry in the 1960s at the other end of the Ship Canal, working primarily on an overspill estate for ex-Liverpool residents, some of whom were experiencing serious poverty. Prior to coming to Manchester, he was Bishop of Wakefield  - where he was greatly involved in supporting mining communities in South and West Yorkshire during and after the pit closures.

A member of the House of Lords since 1997, he has served on two Select Committees – BBC Charter Renewal, and Communications. Currently he chairs the Church of England’s Legislative Committee for the appointment of Women Bishops; and the national Council of Christians and Jews. He is deputy Chair of Governors at Bolton University.

The first Bishop of Manchester to have Mancunian blood (his great-grandfather was born and brought up in the 1830s in Bengal Street, Ancoats – an area of enormous poverty and disease at that time), he has, during his time as Bishop here visited, at least three times, every one of his parishes across Greater Manchester (a significant number of which are coterminous with areas of deep deprivation).  

He chairs the Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders, and is a member (with Councillor Murphy) of the Manchester Board.

He accepted the invitation from local MPs to chair the Commission because of his known commitment to supporting the marginalised, and his long-held belief that society has a responsibility to help people out of poverty.