Colin Barson

Colin has a background in academic research and teaching (being a late developer in educational terms), arriving in Trafford to establish a Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) infrastructure agency in 2000. Armed with a one side of A4 business plan and a tiny budget Voluntary and Community Action Trafford (VCAT) now have 16 staff. In addition to securing core services for the VCS, VCAT has established itself as an effective partner organisation. VCAT also promote and support VCS representation on diverse strategic and operational partnerships.

Colin has secured VCS opportunities in all partnerships and sought to develop positive relations based upon trust and goodwill.

VCAT manage the over 50s voice network and a multitude of forums. In addition to being Chief Executive of VCAT, Colin also serves as a director of GMCVO, is a director of Trafford Law Centre and AgeUK, is a co-optee to Genie Networks ( a charity offering services to deaf children and their families in Trafford). Colin also sits on the Trafford Partnership executive board and development working group. Colin currently chairs the Trafford Children’s Trust Board and is an executive member of the Trafford Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards.

Colin has worked on behalf of service user involvement in the mental health field and consistently lobbies for more engagement.

Colin is motivated and proud to sit on the Commission, offering a local insight into poverty and hoping to make a contribution to furthering our understanding of poverty through qualitative data analysis.